Photo Booth Rental

Photo booth rentals are becoming a staple among many celebrations or parties. As technology advances, more and more options are becoming available to consumers. Sometimes it can be difficult to know just what you need. This article will discuss the various types of rentals commonly available so that you may choose your best option.

  • Enclosed Booth: This type of booth has the tower or machine inside of an enclosure. If it is a concern for you, be sure to ask which type of enclosure you prefer. Some companies have a hard enclosure that can fit 2 to 3 guests at a time while others have a curtain type that can fit up to 10. Really, this is just a simple matter of preference for you event.

  • Open-Style: This consists of a backdrop that guests stand in front of and take their picture similar to a Hollywood Red Carpet. The machinery is in front of the backdrop and usually different background styles are available upon request. These types of rentals require plenty of communication with your potential provider as they do not do well with wind.

  • Green Screen: Put your guests in any scenario you wish. This type of photo booth comes with a chroma key or GREEN SCREEN as the back drop and the images in super imposed onto the photo. These photos are super fun but can be problematic if your guests are wearing any type of green. Their clothing can blend into the backdrop and disappear into the scene behind them. Same goes for any props that have green on them. If you wish for Green Screen, be sure to communicate well with your potential service provider and see sample galleries as it is a true art form that not all have mastered.

  • Social Media Kiosk: Some events call for prints while others call for no prints at all. This is called a social media kiosk where guests take their photos and instantly upload them to Facebook, Twitter, Email, Instagram, Etc. A physical copy may not be necessary as they can be printed later after guest share their photos and download them to their computers. These types of rentals are great but we feel they lose a little of the nostalgia that comes with a photo booth.

Whatever type of event you are having in the Inland Empire, Orange or Los Angeles counties, communication is key. Describe to your service provider the type of event you are having and then ask them what types of photo booth rentals they offer. This question should be well before the price question as you want to make sure you are on the same page with the capabilities of your provider. Be sure to work with a company that can be flexible and communicates well with you or your event planner. This way you can ensure you receive the best type of photo booth for your special event.