Photo Booths For Inland Empire Proms

Prom season is just around the corner for most Inland Empire high schools. ASB directors and associates are surely in the planning stages for the event of the year for their Seniors and Juniors. One Touch is no different. We are planning our photo booth packages that will fit the needs of graduating students looking to have the time of their lives at their prom. If you are planning a prom or homecoming dance and are looking for a photo booth, follow these simple steps to make sure you are getting the package that fits your needs:

  • Proms have teenagers and teenagers love photos! When you are choosing your photo booth rental time make sure to have enough hours for everyone to go through more than once. For a larger gathering of over 200 you will need at least 4 hours unless other mandatory activities will be happening during your rental time such as speeches, dinner or other events that you want all the attendees to participate.

  • Make sure your photo booth company provides you with unlimited copies of each photo strip. Some do not and of course, the attendees want to take pictures together and will all want their own individual copies to treasure forever. Communicate with your potential company on their reprint policy.

  • Privacy or no privacy? Being that many of the guests are minors, you may want to limit the amount of privacy that is accessible to them via the photo booth. One Touch offers open and closed styles but the closed style has an optional side monitor for everyone to view the pictures being taken. This helps limit the privacy issue for proms and school dances.

  • Always consider more than price. For some of the students, this is their final year of seeing the friends they have made over the years. These pictures for them are priceless. This is definitely a quality of quantity scenario. Make sure your company provides clear, crisps images that will be available for you after the event in digital format for future memories.

If you are involved in planning a school event in the Inland Empire, contact us today. We will communicate with you and listen to your vision of the perfect event. We will help you choose the photo booth rental package that fits your school's needs and your student's wishes for fond memories.