Party Planning Tips For Your Next Event

Party Planning Tips For Small Budgets

Congratulations! You have a special event coming up and want to throw a party. Party planning can feel daunting but whether it be a small, intimate gathering or a huge affair where a venue is needed. Either way, you want your event to stand out and be memorable in the eyes of your attendees. There are three steps to achieving a memorable event that stands out among the many parties your guests will attend this year. These elements are fun, beauty and other people. These are simple concepts but can be difficult to achieve. You must ask yourself these questions, "What will my guests do? How can I demonstrate my theme beautifully? Who will I invite? These simple questions will have you planning the best party for your budget.

What will my guests do? Of course this will be the first question. DJs, inflatable rentals, photo booths, game trucks, caterers, magicians, face painters and artists are just some of the many vendors that can help you come up with fun activities for your guests to do. Most large parties will have a DJ and photo booth but looking into other unique vendors may bring an element of surprise to your party goers. We once attended a party with a fortune teller and caricature artist similar to ones you may find on a boardwalk. These options are great if you know not all your guests are going to want to dance. Thinking outside of the box will help you answer the all important question, "what will my guests do?"

How will my party look like? This is where the fun begins. You can choose a theme appropriate for the event such as wedding, Sweet 16, Quinceañera or milestone birthday party. Once your theme is in place, your party goers will be more entertained if you take the time to pay attention to the small details. Even contact your party vendors and ask if they can theme their setups to match your theme. Some may have the ability to incorporate your color palette into their offerings. Ask your caterer if they can dye some of the foods to match your color scheme. Your photo booth rental company can bring props to match, while your DJ may have up lighting that can be incorporated into your theme. Also sights like The Hostess With The Mostess or Pinterest have tons of ideas for DIY party decor. You would be amazed at how creative some of these ideas are.

Who will I invite? A good party always is about the people that you love and enjoy. Really take the time to plan your guest list and seating arrangements to emphasize good communication and interaction. This truly is the backbone of a good event. Employ the help of friends, family or others that have good dispositions to greet guests, serve food or any other task that brings people together. If you are obligated to invite people that don't get along, be mindful to seat them far apart of have a trusted family member keep a close eye on their well being so your party goes over without a hitch.

Following these simple tips can make sure you have a party that is memorable, fun and entertaining. You don't have to have a large budget to have a wonderful party. Gather friends and family for some DIY projects beforehand that will also be fun. Remember parties are about people, love and congratulations. Pay attention to the details and your event will bring loved ones closer while they celebrate your special event.