How Much Rental Time Do I Need For My Photo Booth?

Photo booth rentals have become a common feature at most Inland Empire parties. Maybe you have attended a party that rented one and you loved the idea of guests getting to take home pictures of your event. How do you go about renting one for your upcoming event? One Touch has developed this guide to make sure your photo booth service fits your party's special needs.

  • Book Early! We can't stress this enough. We have multiple booths but most parties are held on Friday and Saturday which means only 8 days out of the month are prime rental days. Booking at least two months in advance is advisable for parties in the off season. October, June and December should be booked 6 months in advance to ensure availability. June is very busy due to graduations and weddings being held that month. December is also very busy as most parties are held before guests head out of town which usually means the first two weekends. October begins the Fall wedding season which is also extremely busy.

  • How many guests are you expecting? We have broken down our service by hours. The following is a good guide to assess how many hours you might need. 1-50 guests - 2 hours, 50-100 guests - 3 hours and 100 or more guests - 4 hours. Also consider any traditions that may be at your event that you would want the photo booth closed for. You may not want people standing in line during your first dance or cake cutting. Be sure to add more time for photo booth fun if you plan on having activities that require the booth to be closed.

  • Always check the photo quality. As more and more companies photo booth companies open, some are more experienced than others. Ask to see past event photos and compare picture quality. Also ask your potential provider if the photos on their website were taken in the booth they will be providing. Some companies buy stock photos to use for their website and may not represent the final product you will receive. Your best bet is to always ask.

  • Stay within your comfort level. We have clients that book online and do not ask any questions. Others are new to the picture booth concept and need more information. We want you to feel 100% comfortable with our service so feel free to call us anytime. We have been in business for years and have seen many different party scenarios and what works best. Call our office today at 909.380.3914 if you need help planning your photo booth service. We will be there every step of the way from design to set up and breakdown to picture delivery.