How To Capture Great Moments With Your Photo Booth

You can capture great moments with a photo booth rental from One Touch. Here are a few simple tips to make sure your photos last a lifetime.

  • Design your photo strip to match your party theme. Your One Touch consultant will speak to about the theme of your event so that the photo strips match perfectly with your party decor. They will even request a copy of your invitation so that the design will seamlessly fit with your design. Make sure to put the date on your photo strip so that you can remember the time and year of all the great shots that were taken at your party.
  • Ask for themed props. We will bring props that we feel fit your party but we do have options for personalized props that will really stand out when you are looking back at your photos.
  • Let us know if you would like a flash drive or CD. All photos are available for download on your own private gallery. This way your guests can view all the photos as well. If you would like a flash drive or CD also, we will send it to you free of charge. If you do not need a flash drive or CD, be sure to download all the photos to your computer and then transfer them to a safe place. You will be glad you did years from now.
  • Listen to your attendant. They will tell your guests where to stand to achieve the best picture quality and lighting. We know the fun can overshadow the desire to get a good photo when the party is in full swing. Your attendants are trained to find the perfect balance between silly fun and good photography.
  • Be sure to use the photo booth more than once. This may seem obvious, but plenty of guests and hosts are so busy enjoying the party festivities that they forget to get their picture taken. When they look back at their gallery, they realize the fact that they don't have more memories of the event. Your attendant is trained to make sure the hosts, hosts parents and other important guests use the booth but we always say, the more the merrier.
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