How To Choose The Best Vendors For Your Event

Choosing Vendors For Your Party

It's your big day! Whether it is your Quinceañera, wedding, birthday or corporate event, no doubt you want it to be one-of-a-kind and memorable for your guests, family and friends. The people that make any party stand out are the vendors you choose. From the caterer, Dj, photo booth rental, to the event planner, these individuals can make or break your special day. The following are a few tips to make sure you choose the right party vendors for your event.

  • Cost: Of course, the price of the vendor must be within your budget. Many people think this is the most important factor when hiring a vendor or rental company. It is not the most important piece to the party planning puzzle. When going to the doctor, would you choose to see the receptionist or medical assistant instead of the doctor because there was a price break? Of course not! When choosing a vendor, it is the same as choosing between a medical assistant and a doctor because there are varying degrees of experience, time in business and of course education and knowledge of how to run a party. The same differences between our doctor and medical assistant. As they say, "You have to start somewhere." Be sure your vendor is not starting their business with your party. Often times, a lower price means less experience, cheaper equipment or less service. Of course, we are not saying never go with a lower price. We are saying investigate why their prices are lower.

  • Location: Where is the vendor located? Often times it is beneficial to go with a closer vendor for the simple reason that they don't have to fight traffic, add on a gas surcharge or charge you for idle time for being at your event early. Relationships can also be built with a closer vendor. They may know other vendors nearby that can help with your event. Google Places can help you find the closest vendor to you via a simple online search. Click the map and you can find vendors close to you. We are located in the Inland Empire and offer photo booth rentals to the following cities: Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino, Upland, Chino, Corona, Yucaipa, Ontario and surrounding areas.

  • Past Events: Many vendors will highlight some of their past work for you to view. You can go their website and view under "portfolio" or "gallery." This way you can see if their work matches your vision for your special event. Some galleries are password protected for their past client's only. If this is the case, give the vendor a call. Most vendors will be more than happy to email or mail you samples or photos that display their work in action. If you can not find any resource to past work, be careful. This may mean they are brand new to the industry. This many not present a problem but we suggest you be informed.

  • Read Reviews: Often times it is difficult for vendors to get reviews. We have found that after the party is over, no one wants to do more work by writing a bunch of vendor reviews. If a company has a fair amount of reviews, it means their brides, or quinces are more than pleased with their service enough to take the time to write a review. This speaks volumes for their level of service and also their ability to communicate with their clients. One word of caution, don't rely solely on a website for reviews as they can be made up. Go to places like Google Plus or The Knot where a review cannot be left from the vendor themselves.

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