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One Touch Photo Booth Attendants

The One Touch Photo Booth Team

Pam Brown

I am the co-owner and resident graphic designer of all the photo templates located on our Photo Gallery. I have been working with Photoshop for 12 years and can match any party invitation for a coordinated feel for your event. I truly believe that the love is in the details. I make sure every background matches your photo strip and party theme. I take pride in every prop table set up, photo and visual presentation that you may need. To read my full story, click here.

Chris Brown

I am the co owner of One Touch Photo Booth Rentals and my wife says one of these days, our clients may adopt me and I will never come home. I do my best to laugh, joke and entertain our guests. I believe the people are what make an event a success or failure. No matter the bells and whistles involved in party planning, if the people are not engaging and interacting, the party is not a success (although I don't mind the In And Out Burger trucks that frequent our events).

Halle Brown

I am the daughter of Chris and Pam Brown and I love to set up the prop tables. My dad says I use too many props but I love to have so many that it wows the guests when they walk into the event. I interact with the kids at the events and help them put their pictures into the scrapbook. I tell them where to sign and make sure they leave room for everyone else to place their pictures. Prop tables can get messy after awhile so I help kids pick their props and place them back properly so everyone has a chance to use them. I guess you can say, I am the resident photo booth kids companion!

Andrew Green & Marcus Figueroa

Best friends since elementary and avid skateboarders, Andrew and Marcus are our electrical prodigies. These "twenty-somethings" make sure the photo booth equipment runs smoothly and flawlessly. They are also our resident muscle. They set up, break down and load all of the equipment to each event. Both are trained in photography as well and will direct your guests where to stand or sit for optimal, centered images. We will have their individual bios as soon as we can get them to slow down enough to write them.

Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown is our newest addition to the One Touch family. She is a full time college student and loves to interact with people. She always has a smile on her face and will make sure your guests are having a good time. She assists guests with prop selection and will make sure your display stays tidy. She also assists with the creation of the scrapbook to make sure each page is beautifully presented for your enjoyment for years to come.

Mariah Rios

The One Touch Photo booth team continues to grow! Mariah just came on board as a new attendant. She helps with the assembly of the booths and prop tables. She will make sure your guests are having a great time while they pick out their props and take their photos. Like all of our attendants, she will smile and talk with your guests so your photo booth experience is interactive and fun. We welcome Mariah to the One Touch team!