Photo Booth Picture Tips
How to get the best photos out of your photo booth rental.

Photo Booth Posing Tips

Even though photo booth rentals are a hot trend at many celebrations, we have noticed that some people are still new to the concept. Some even ask us what we do with all the funny hats, sunglasses and props. The following are a few tips to make sure you get the best possible photos to cherish for a lifetime.

  • Don't Just Stand There: Photo booths are supposed to be fun, wacky and silly, not so much a portrait studio. The booth is enclosed so you can let your inner child out (within reason). Laugh, cross your eyes, kiss! The fun factor is what makes photo booths so popular. You can look back and see how much fun you had at that particular event. So let loose and start posing.

  • Pick Your Props Wisely: When picking props, hats can be super fun. Make sure you pick a hat that won't cover your face or be worn to low on your face. Tilt your hat up a bit when taking your photos so that a shadow doesn't appear around your eye area which can ruin your photo. Same for boas. Don't cover your entire face with a boa because when you look back at your pictures years from now, your face will be the most important part of the photo.

  • Tilt Your Sign Down: Some photo booth prop signs will have a shiny coating on them which can catch a glare from our lighting source. The best way to combat the glare and to be able to read the sign is to tilt it downward. This way you can still read the funny saying without it being washed out from glare.

  • Stand Back: Our cameras are set to fit as many happy party guests as we can. Therefore, the camera is focused more towards the back of the booth. So for a clear, in focus picture stand as close to the backdrop without touching it as you can. Also make sure you are in the center of the screen. Our photo booth attendants will try to make sure you are centered but sometimes dancing and fun will take precedents.

  • Lastly, PHOTOS ARE UNLIMITED! If you are not satisfied with your picture, get back in line and take it over. That's the beauty of One Touch Photo Booth, you can take as many pictures as you want, using different props and poses. So have fun and get creative!