How To Budget For Your Photo Booth Rental

How To Budget For Your Photo Booth Rentals

Photo booth rentals can be a great addition to any celebration. Children love getting their pictures taken while playing dress up. The fact that they can take as many photos as they can excites them to try and collect photo strips to show their parents and friends. Adults love to take selfies as well and take delight on posting to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Our favorite photo booth customer is the newly engaged or the anniversary couple. These photos of proposals and wedding anniversary shots are sure to be treasured for years to come.

Although photo booths are super fun and highly entertaining, they can be expensive for some budgets. When you have to pay the DJ, caterer, florist and other vendors, your event can get costly. This doesn't even include purchasing a gift for the guest of honor if need be. We have come up with some simple tips to make sure your photo booth rental fits your budget and party vision.

  • Tell your potential photobooth company how many guests you are expecting. If they are experienced, the can tell you how many hours you will need service. A good company won't start by offering your their largest package. They will take the time to figure out the time needed by figuring how many guests will use the booth throughout the event. With experience, they should know patterns of use depending on type of party and the number of guests attending. After all, you don't want to pay for more than you are going to use.

  • Be sure to let your company know if your guests will be mostly children, adults or a mix of both. If there are mostly children under the age of 12, two hours should be plenty. We have noticed that any time more than this, you get the same 5 kids using the booth over and over. Honestly, not worth the cost of a photo booth. If there will be mostly adults, three hours is great. Adults tend to mingle, eat, dance and drink in between using the photo booth. They definitely want to use the service more than once during your rental time so it is a good idea to have more time in your rental for other activities.

  • Toasts, special dances and cake cutting can be time guests will not be using the booth. Talk to your potential hire and ask if they can start after these special activities so that you are not paying for services that no one is using.

  • Don't wait too long before you use your photo booth. We have noticed some brides and grooms don't make it over to the photo booth as they are busy accepting congratulations from guests. We never want you to be disappointed with the amount of photos you were able to take during your rental. Our attendants sometimes will encourage special guests and family members to use the booth so that you will have these memories later. We also try to grab the guests of honor during a down time so they will have memories of their special night.

The key to good photo booth rentals is communication. Because we have done so many events, we have educated guesses on when to start, when to set up and how much service you will need based on your explanation of your party vision. Follow these simple tips and speak to your One Touch representative, ask a lot of questions and give specifics about your special day. This way we can use your vision and our expertise to create a photo experience you are sure to treasure.

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